Xplorer Changes from 1st April 2017

Xplorer is changing!

British Orienteering recognises the value that Xplorer brings to both the sport of orienteering and as a tool for engaging families in local communities across the country.  British Orienteering is committed to continuing to deliver and develop Xplorer.

What’s changing for new partners interested in delivering Xplorer?

From 1st April 2017 all new partners will be required to pay a one-time set up fee. This will cover all aspects of getting a new partner ready to deliver Xplorer including a full kit bag of resources and signage as well as 2 mapped areas and access to the online mapping tool.

What’s changing for existing partners?

For the remainder of 2017 Xplorer will remain free to existing partners however from 1st April 2017 any additional resources and kit will be charged for as per the prices outlined below and are available to existing Xplorer deliverers.

From 1st January 2018, there will be an annual service charge for all partners wishing to deliver events in 2018 onwards. British Orienteering are offering 2 service charge options aiming to meet your needs.


We believe Xplorer works well because of the resources both physical and online that we have developed with partners over the past 4 years.  We proud of the cross generational appeal of Xplorer as well as the ability for it to be tailored to a variety of target markets and demographics.

British Orienteering has received a 53% cut in funding from Sport England and from 1st April 2017 Xplorer will no longer be funded by Sport England. To enable us to continue to provide those resources and develop new one’s British Orienteering needs to cover costs previously paid for by Sport England funding.

What are British Orienteering doing about it?

We have covered overheads for 2017 from the 2013-17 funding to allow us to subsidise this transition year.

We are committed to sourcing all equipment and resources at the cheapest prices whilst maintaining quality.

A new Xplorer website will be launching shortly which will enable partners to promote their events independently as well as order additional resources online and track participation across their events. This will be closely integrated with the British Orienteering website reducing costs and simplifying data management.

What if we can’t afford it?

In every instance please talk to us first before deciding whether you can continue with Xplorer. British Orienteering are not able to subsidise partners however we are eager to work with you to identify ways to ensure you can continue to deliver Xplorer.


If you are an exisiting partner for further information and list of prices see EXISTING Partners

If you are a NEW partner interested in delivering Xplorer - for more information and a list of prices see NEW Partners